Teneo News: Sir Martin Donnelly Joins Teneo as a Senior Advisor

About Teneo Consulting

Teneo Consulting has a primary focus: helping the CEO bring their big, transformational initiatives to life in an increasingly complex business environment. We look beyond the purely situational, moving from management, towards growth and bettering the businesses of our clients in the long-term. Our team uses behavioral data to anticipate and predict what people do in relation to products and brands. We deploy digitally-derived intelligence to empower companies to interact more effectively with their customers, to enhance loyalty, and to grow business.

With a diverse range of services and deep experience advising multinational organizations, Teneo Consulting helps modern leaders design and deploy large-scale, comprehensive strategies that impact multiple lines of business and functions, and achieve clearly-defined business value.

A Strategic Framework

Teneo’s consulting team examines the narrative, positioning and identity of a company, scrutinizing the entire ecosystem, to help set the organizational vision for long-term goals and to formulate a forward-looking business strategy.

Data Analysis and Gathering

Teneo provides insight into influencers’ opinion and sentiment about brands – combined with the identification of unique customer and consumer behavior patterns – in order to provide a uniquely integrated view of what people do and why they do it.

Marrying Data to Vision

Teneo Consulting deploys data-driven intelligence, marrying it to the defined company vision, in order to create bespoke plans that empower CEOs to interact more effectively with their customers, to enhance loyalty, and to grow business.

Taking Action

Once our team has assessed needs, performed a thorough analysis, and has developed a bespoke, data-driven strategy, we will work with a client’s internal teams to determine an appropriate and expedient approach to execute against the agreed plan.

Teneo Insights

Chris Wearing

Chairman, Teneo Consulting; CEO, Teneo Sports

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CEOs should ask how technology can enable new directions, not just enhance existing practices. They should embrace a goal-oriented approach to the use of big data technologies.

It is well documented how technology has spent the last thirty years accelerating and delivering on new business models, but with the recent onset of social media, data analytics and digital capabilities we enter 2014 with a major shift having occurred: technology is now driving business in many areas...

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