Teneo News: Sir Martin Donnelly Joins Teneo as a Senior Advisor

Interstate conflict is ranked as the risk with the highest likelihood of occurring.

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Analyzing Political and Economic Harbingers

In the 21st century business environment, leaders of global firms and institutions must make strategic decisions under increasing pressures. Political decisions are moving markets in profound ways and the balance of economic and demographic power is shifting to rapidly transforming markets which each have their own unique and evolving complexities.

Teneo Intelligence analyses how political decision-making and events are drivers of market outcomes and determinants of business and operating environments, and advises business leaders and decision-makers on how to manage or benefit from these pressures. Our experts analyze and forecast domestic and international political developments and their implications in order to anticipate events before they become action-forcing. In this way, political analysis can provide a look around the corner to alert investors and corporations to upcoming risks, and opportunities.

Teneo Insights

James Shinn

Chairman, Teneo Intelligence

Higher Volatility and CEO Decision Making

Higher volatility is likely in four important asset markets. The end of quantitative expansion will drive a return to higher volatility in all these indices.

The global business world is nervously edging into a state of higher volatility and it is going to get even edgier over the next twelve months. With bets on higher market volatility, many are left wondering: what is driving this enhanced volatility, what executive decisions is it complicating and how can...

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