Teneo News: Sir Martin Donnelly Joins Teneo as a Senior Advisor

Proportion of CEOs who cited “the rapid pace of technological innovation” as their company’s biggest challenge.


Bringing Enterprise-Level Assets to Early-Stage Companies

We believe that early-stage companies have certain “big company” needs. In addition to providing financial capital, we leverage capabilities across our platform to offer operational capital, relational capital, and intellectual capital to bear in ways we can uniquely help our venture clients speed their path to enterprise sales, relationships, and scale.

Teneo Ventures partners with companies run by visionary but pragmatic CEOs, focused on solving large, real-world problems. We are drawn to companies and CEOs using technology in new ways to make a step-function change in the way enterprise companies are doing business, developing a product or service that will introduce new value to an industry, or displace and disrupt the existing model.

Teneo Insights

Betsy Cohen

President, Teneo Ventures

What Startups Can Teach Big Enterprise Firms

Big business is no longer immune to the imminent threat of the growing number of start-up competitors. This fast-moving, nimble and  innovative  population of companies, with the main goal of disrupting the current ways of doing business in the industries they serve, are employing modern practices which many of their bigger competitors have been slow to adopt. No longer protected solely by legacy and the once competitive advantages that big-enterprise holds (capital, established relationships and...

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