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Otilia Dhand

Senior Vice President, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia

Russia: Beyond Putin's Re-election
In the first quarter of 2018, Russia will be in election mode. Despite the nearly guaranteed re- election of President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin will take every measure to ensure his...
Paul Haenle

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

China's Future Under Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping assumed power at a pivotal moment in China’s history. Faced with an outdated economic model, political decay and pervasive corruption, and a military that is unfit and...
The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, P.C.

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

Canadian Realism
President Trump’s comments on the U.S.’s relationship with Canada, principally related to the likely renegotiation of NAFTA, suggests a shift in the U.S.’s relationship with an...
Wolfango Piccoli

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Europe's Risky Business Environment
For all the fears of a populist takeover, 2017 ended on pretty traditional terms in European politics: having won the September Bundestag elections, German Chancellor Angela Merkel...
Tobias Harris

Vice President, Japan

Political Volatility Returns to Japan
Among Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s many accomplishments in the nearly five years since he returned to power in December 2012, perhaps none is as remarkable as his stabilization of...
Crispin Hawes

Managing Director, Middle East & North Africa

Demise of the Caliphate
Iraqi government forces and their allies have inflicted near-terminal blows to the military capacity and territorial ambitions of the so-called Islamic State (Daesh) in Iraq. Meanwhile,...
Anne Frühauf

Senior Vice President, Southern Africa

Zimbabwe: End of an Era
Speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda today, 21 November, announced that President Robert Mugabe has tendered his resignation with immediate effect, preempting an impeachment process that...
Carsten Nickel

Managing Director, Europe

UK/ EU: May Still Likely to See Brexit Talks Move to Stage Two in...
The domestic politics of Brexit are entering a crucial two weeks.. May’s position is volatile, but she is more likely to stay than to be ousted.. It remains likely that the December...
Wolfango Piccoli

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Italy: Berlusconi’s Alliance Wins in Sicily, but Far Right Sits in...
The outcome of the regional election in Sicily suggests that the center-right is the frontrunner ahead of next year’s general elections. Yet, it is doubtful whether it will secure an...