Teneo News: Teneo Intelligence to Team with EY Geostrategic Business Group

Tim Burt

Senior Managing Director, Teneo Blue Rubicon

The Erosion of Trust & How to Repair It

The inability to create and maintain trust in an institution – whether a political party or a corporation – is emerging as one of the biggest risks to stakeholder engagement. If ordinary...

Betsy Cohen

President, Teneo Ventures

What Startups Can Teach Big Enterprise Firms

Big business is no longer immune to the imminent threat of the growing number of start-up competitors. This fast-moving, nimble and  innovative  population of companies, with...

Lon Augustenborg

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

Genetics: An Emerging Global Threat

With the recent advances in science, many of the technological barriers that largely kept biological weapons out of the reach of terrorist and criminal organizations have been stripped...

Martha Carter

Senior Managing Director, Teneo Governance

The 2018 Board Must Prepare for Constant Evolution

Today’s boards are faced with more scrutiny than ever before. A higher set of expectations from all stakeholders has created a new paradigm for boards to assess and manage on an ongoing...

Basil Towers

Senior Managing Director, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Making Trust an Organizational Capability

Despite all evidence of its importance and direct impact on business growth and value, relatively few CEOs have a strategy for building trust. In order to derive maximum value business...

Stephan Merkens

Managing Director

Communications in the Digital World

The control of brand perception is no longer solely in the hands of the internal company marketing department. The rise of digital media and the abundance of social media platforms has...

Otilia Dhand

Senior Vice President, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia

Putin Plans Re-Election on ‘Great Power’ Platform

Putin will spend the year preparing for the 2018 Russian presidential election, which he intends to win resoundingly, thus confirming his position as an omnipresent president and...

Paul Haenle

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

New Reformists Emerging in China

China’s economy is moving in two different directions. The old industrial sector is showing signs of recession, while the new sectors of service providers and high tech manufacturers are...

Wolfango Piccoli

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Political Fragmentation Rising in Europe

Unprecedented levels of political fragmentation in Europe will be a main risk for business in 2017. This is so because past behavior indicates a likely inadequacy of the responses to the...