Teneo News: Sir Martin Donnelly Joins Teneo as a Senior Advisor

Most companies miss or mishandle up to 80% of customer engagement opportunities.

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Defining Value, Optimizing Return

In today’s complicated market and consumer environment, brand building has become extremely challenging and companies often struggle to optimize the definition of their brand, and the development and marketing of it to ensure optimal return.

Teneo’s brand strategy, marketing and sponsorship experts work with companies and individuals, from large corporations to individual athletes looking to grow their personal brands. We work collaboratively to analyze existing market positioning, marketing and sponsorship asset allocations, digital programs, consumer narrative and the long-term consumer view in order to develop the right strategy to deliver optimal long-term value and return.

Teneo’s experts helps companies and individuals establish the optimal brand positioning. A stakeholders’ propensity to “buy into” a brand is entirely dependent on the relevancy of its positioning to that individual or group. Creating the right positioning and value in the mind of the stakeholders is the first step towards maximizing customer relevance and competitive distinctiveness to achieve maximum brand return.

Working across every relevant internal and external vertical, Teneo’s experts objectively analyze any existing brand positioning, or help define new positioning, by engaging sophisticated data research, primary research and bespoke senior insights. We define current state, define optimal vision and then create the right strategy to bridge the delta.

In the case of those clients or individuals who are already invested in, or are considering various sponsorship opportunities as a means of further marketing efforts, Teneo’s experts are able to perform an in-depth assessment of the current sponsorship portfolio, as well as providing recommendations on new sponsorships that might be worth exploring, and assisting with the negotiation process around contracts for any new sponsorships, ensuring maximum benefit derived from investment.

Understanding the return on marketing investment is one of the most critical challenges facing many of the world’s leading companies. Comprehending the full impact of a brand has to include determining if intended messages were received by the target audience and if the messages are effective in achieving the return on investment that the program is intended to accomplish.

In order to assist clients in measuring their marketing and sponsorship efforts, Teneo can perform customized ROI analysis, based on a year-long calendar, which features and accounts for a variety of ongoing metrics at set intervals, powered by our brand analytics team.