Teneo News: Sir Martin Donnelly Joins Teneo as a Senior Advisor

Almost 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs participate in social media.

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Global Media and Social Media Advisory Services

The news cycle is 24/7 and the spread of information is instant. Social and digital media has democratized information and enabled anyone with a smartphone to impact global markets or corporations’ reputations. Communications is no longer the purview of the communications department alone, but includes the CEO and his/her direct reports.

Teneo’s traditional and social media advisory services help clients develop and execute strategic, results-driven media engagement programs and build relationships with key stakeholders in the media arena. Our team, comprised of award-winning former journalists, seasoned public relations professionals and digital media experts, work closely with clients to develop comprehensive media strategies to drive business goals.

Reputation Enhancement

Teneo’s experts create media engagement strategies that enhance, promote and protect the reputations of both senior executives and the companies they lead.

Executive Communications

Teneo works with media companies to create tailored events and speaking opportunities for our clients as part of their thought leadership and executive communications programs.

Media Training

Teneo provides robust and dynamic preparatory or “training” sessions for executive clients who are preparing for high-stakes and often market-moving public engagements, including: media interviews, speeches, or presentations.

Teneo Insights

Stephan Merkens

Managing Director

Communications in the Digital World

The control of brand perception is no longer solely in the hands of the internal company marketing department. The rise of digital media and the abundance of social media platforms has resulted in the transformation of the average individual into a powerful catalyst for information, delivering messaging with the weight to win presidential elections, start country-wide revolutions and wage war on corporate brands. For companies in crisis, a single tweet or a misplaced comment on...

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