Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

The Teneo Team

At Teneo, we recognize that our legacy of leadership relies on how we grow and develop the next generation of leaders, which is why we place so much focus on the people we hire and the clients we partner with.

The Teneo team is made up of individuals with a unique variety of global relationships, unequaled experience, intellectual strength and unyielding execution. We are constantly looking for those with independent thinking and problem-solving abilities to tackle the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.

We hold our team to the highest service and ethical standards. Our client service charter calls upon each one of Teneo’s team members to:

  • serve clients with the highest levels of trust, professionalism and integrity;

  • attempt to do something extraordinary for our clients every day;

  • anticipate client issues and needs;

  • get it right the first time; and

  • execute flawlessly.

For more information on joining our team please see below:

For opportunities with Teneo Consulting, please visit the Consulting careers page.

For opportunities with Teneo Blue Rubicon, please visit the Teneo Blue Rubicon careers page.

For opportunities with Teneo PSG in Ireland, please contact careers@teneopsg.com 

For all other career inquiries, please contact careers@teneoholdings.com