Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

Navigating and Leveraging the Ever-More Digital World

Teneo does not believe there is anything special or privileged about digital data and analytics. When our experts help CEOs make sense of the world and see around corners, we blend all relevant data sources; digital and analog, online and offline. We integrate fragmented businesses, end-to-end.

What matters is that we develop insights, specifically designed for CEOs, by analyzing the right, blended data sources that are directly relevant to CEOs’ most pressing challenges. Increasing volumes and categories of data are digital, but it’s what we do with the data – combining social science rigor with data science excellence – that distinguishes our approach and the quality of our advice. Fueled by blended intelligence from diverse sources, we provide CEOs with the bias-free, strategic counsel they need to transform their businesses for the modern economy.