Teneo News: Matt Filosa Joins Teneo Governance as Managing Director

Unique Range of Sports Advisory Services

Teneo Sports partners exclusively with owners, CEOs and leaders of world-class sports enterprises and global corporations to address a wide range of branding and business development opportunities in the world of sports. Brand is the currency of sport today, and Teneo Sports primary areas of focus are helping to drive brand strategy to launch, rebrand or reinvent sports-related assets to maximize corporate value, fan engagement and revenue potential.

No other firm sits at the junction between massive corporate sponsors trying to make objective, brand-relevant, measurable sports investments, and the fast-changing sports environment, with traditional large sports enterprises and many new disruptive sports. In the last decade, there have been fundamental changes in technology, business and communications that have made the traditional approaches to sports business inadequate. With so much money and brand impact at stake, there is a critical need in sports today for sophisticated advice with a background rooted in managing the largest global brands.

We partner with the CEOs of the world’s largest and most complex companies to utilize sports investment to most effectively carry their brand message to target customers and markets in the most cost-efficient way. The key to our service offering in this space is our team’s deep and thorough understanding of all aspects (market, product, customer, and channel) of the corporate brand promise and related business plans, based on direct experience managing the brands of some of the world’s largest and most prominent companies. With this perspective, we can help clients rethink and manage their sports investment portfolio to maximize brand impact and business growth.

We help sports franchises, leagues and teams and their owners, build world-class business and brand strategies and then help them navigate the associated acquisition and activation of appropriate corporate sponsorships and partnerships. We conduct this work for the largest established global sport brands, as well as for disruptive new entrants and individual teams.