Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

Aligning Talent with Business Strategy

CEOs and Boards have never had a narrower window to achieve strategic alignment. In the face of rapid innovation, a contentious activist climate and increased scrutiny on boards and company executives, proactively ensuring business strategy is aligned with talent strategy – with the right team in place – creates value.

Through three core offerings of CEO Advisory, Board Advisory and Recruitment, Teneo Talent helps CEOs, leadership teams and Boards achieve high levels of performance, advising on strategic alignment, organizational design, team development, succession planning, recruitment and all aspects of talent strategy.

Comprehensive CEO advisory to maximize impact and align the talent strategy with the business strategy

A CEO’s effectiveness is closely linked to their ability to action strategic intent, hire the right team and communicate effectively to a variety of internal and external stakeholders. When activated all together, CEOs are in a much stronger position.

Teneo partners with CEOs to maximize effectiveness, impact and legacy. Our executive development program is comprised of a number of services, including: (i) helping CEOs formulate, articulate and action strategic intent; (ii) working with incumbent CEOs to plan for transitions; (iii) structuring best practices to guide leadership, manage risk and create opportunity; (iv) assessing and helping leadership teams enhance performance; and (vi) assisting with the development of one, three and five year priority planning and organizational design, as well as devising six month and one- to three-year business models that are aligned with talent strategy.

  • CEO Coaching;

  • Organizational Design & Strategic Alignment;

  • C-Suite Succession Planning;

  • CEO-Board Engagement.

Establishing a high-performing Board through strategic alignment

The spotlight on boards continues to intensify with increasing demands and scrutiny from a variety of stakeholders – institutional investors, activists, the media, regulators and customers. The challenge of creating long-term shareholder value in the face of short-term pressures, combined with ongoing developments in corporate governance, has resulted in the effectiveness of the board as a high-functioning team, taking on even greater importance.

A strategic, high-functioning board is well positioned to navigate complexities and add value. For the board to most effectively serve as an asset, best practice calls for proactive evaluation of board effectiveness on an ongoing, as opposed to reactive, basis.

As part of its board advisory program, Teneo Talent works with clients to: (i) review and discuss board composition, structure, expertise and knowledge as it relates to company strategy; (ii) identify vulnerabilities and alignment opportunities; and (iii) develop a customized board effectiveness plan to be implemented over a multi-year timeline.

Teneo Talent also provides individualized coaching for current and prospective board directors to maximize impact in the board room, and has extensive experience building advisory boards to bring creative solutions to issues spanning market entry, ESG and cybersecurity.

  • Director Diligence;

  • Board Effectiveness & Succession Planning;

  • CEO Succession Planning;

  • Advisory Boards;

  • Board Director Coaching & Advisory.

End-to-end assessment and recruitment process to create a high-performing team

We understand that each client situation – and culture - is unique. Each of our partnerships begins with a shared vision and ambition to help our clients:

  • connect business strategy to talent strategy;

  • unlock business value;

  • demonstrate good governance;

  • effectively develop, retain and recruit high performers.

As part of the recruiting process, we: (i) evaluate talent management strategy against business strategy; (ii) define must-have requirements and leadership attributes of role(s); (iii) leverage Teneo’s 12 businesses to source non-obvious candidates; (iv) assess candidates and facilitate interviews; (v) assist in negotiation and referencing and; (vi) work with the newly-selected leader to ensure accelerated impact via our “180 Day” plan, crucial to setting the right tone.

  • Executive Recruitment;

  • C-Suite & Executive Recruitment;

  • Board Recruitment;

  • Role Design & Alignment;

  • Accelerated Integration;

  • Coaching.