Teneo News: Teneo Intelligence to Team with EY Geostrategic Business Group

Wolfango Piccoli

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Turkey: Erdogan's Snap Polls Unlikely to Bring Stability
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has announced snap presidential and parliamentary elections for 24 June 2018.. The uncertainty of the country’s economic outlook and a desire to catch...
Paul Haenle

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

China: Trade Tensions, Talks with North Korea and Term Limits
A discussion between Teneo Senior Advisor and Director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing, China, Paul Haenle and Kevin Kajiwara, Co-Head of Teneo Intelligence.

Bob Herrera-Lim

Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Malaysia: Election Preview - It's in the Turnout
Turnout is the key; for now, the consensus is that the opposition’s dysfunction will result in a lower number compared to 2013, which will help the ruling National Front keep its...
Nicholas Watson

Senior Vice President, Latin America

Peru: A Question Of When, Not If, Vizcarra's Political Honeymoon...
Martin Vizcarra has had a reasonably successful first few days in the presidency since he replaced Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on 23 March. On Monday, 2 April, Vizcarra unveiled his new...
Antonio Barroso

Managing Director, Europe

Spain: Puigdemont's Arrest Will Not Solve Catalan Deadlock (For Now)
The arrest of former First Minister Carles Puigdemont in Germany on 25 March has galvanized once again the Catalan pro-independence movement, adding to the increased mobilization...
Tobias Harris

Vice President, Japan

Japan: Falling Approval Ratings Increase Pressure on Abe
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s approval ratings tumbled in a series of polls conducted over the weekend, highlighting the extent to which the reemergence of the Moritomo Gakuen scandal has...
Otilia Dhand

Senior Vice President, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia

Russia: Policies for Putin's Fourth Term Start Taking Shape
The presidential election will take place this Sunday, 18 March. While President Vladimir Putin’s electoral victory is a foregone conclusion, the Kremlin is keen to boost electoral...
Nicholas Watson

Senior Vice President, Latin America

Peru: Impeachment Scenarios
The opposition Fuerza Popular (FP) party led by Keiko Fujimori in the early hours of 8 March confirmed its unanimous support for President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s impeachment. Four FP...
Tobias Harris

Vice President, Japan

Japan: Abe Administration Scrambles to Defend Work Reform Plans
The Abe administration is on the defensive after reports emerged of irregularities in the data used to justify its pending reforms to Japan’s regulations regarding flexible working...