Teneo News: Teneo Intelligence to Team with EY Geostrategic Business Group

Martha Carter

Senior Managing Director, Teneo Governance

Proxy Season 2018: Navigating New Rules, Ratios and Realities
A discussion between Dr. Martha Carter, Head of Teneo Governance and Sean Quinn, Senior Vice President with Teneo Governance. Moderated by Kevin Kajiwara, Co-Head of Teneo...
Tobias Harris

Vice President, Japan

Asia: Updated TPP Text Suggests How Agreement Could Evolve

New Zealand, the depositary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), released the final text of the revised agreement – now known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the...

Bob Herrera-Lim

Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Philippines: Inflation is Slowly Starting to Become a Political Issue
Inflation has become a more prominent domestic topic.. Reports of low rice buffer stocks and possible transport fare increases are adding to public worries.. The issue could still fade...
Ruud Wassen

Managing Director, Teneo cabinet DN

European Defence and Security: A New World of Opportunities
European defence and security are on the move. For European industry, this means new opportunities. For the UK and the US, the opportunities come with challenges.

Wolfango Piccoli

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Italy: Right Rising
With a month to go to the 4 March parliamentary election, the presentation of the list of candidates by each party does not seem to have had any meaningful impact on the polls. Equally,...
Wolfango Piccoli

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Italy: Grand Coalition is Not a Forgone Conclusion
With slightly more than a month left to ballot day (4 March), the most likely outcome of the general election remains a hung parliament. The result would be a messy stalemate in which...
Tobias Harris

Vice President, Japan

East Asia: TPP-11 Clears Final Hurdles
At a meeting in Tokyo on 23 January, chief negotiators from the 11 remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) announced that they had overcome outstanding disagreements...
Tobias Harris

Vice President, Japan

Japan: Abe government prepares to embrace the Belt and Road...

The Abe government is developing a policy to support Japanese companies collaborating with Chinese companies on Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) projects. If projects satisfy certain...

Mario Marconini

Managing Director, Brazil

LATAM: Three Things to Watch in 2018
Nicholas Watson, Senior Vice President, contributed to this article.

1. A Year Of Elections And Transitions

Apart from the sheer number of votes, what is...