Teneo News: Teneo Intelligence to Team with EY Geostrategic Business Group

Ursula Burns

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

Mastering CEO Challenges
Ursula Burns was CEO of Xerox Corporation from 2009 until 2017. She was recently featured in Time Magazine’s “TIME Firsts: Women Leaders Who Are Changing the World” special report, as...
Robert Mead

Vice Chairman, Teneo Holdings

Will CEOs Step into the Breach?

A Motivated Private Sector Can Open the Door to New Solutions.

Ten years on from the catastrophic meltdown in financial markets, the global economy is in generally good shape with...

Lon Augustenborg

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

Warring Against Climate Change
Corporations find themselves at the forefront of addressing climate change and protecting the environment voluntarily and at their own initiatives. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)...
Jerome Hauer

Senior Advisor, Teneo Risk

A Renewed Pandemic Threat
A multinational business with people and assets around the world plans for a host of contingencies, from a financial crisis to operations in unstable countries. But does its leadership...
Jason Miller

Managing Director

Business Prospects: Promising Outlook from Washington
When asked to sum up Washington’s political climate in 2017, most would respond: “chaotic,” “non-stop,” or even worse, “unpredictable.” However, for most of the economic issues that...
Max Kelly

Senior Advisor, Teneo Risk

The New World of Cyber
Imagine you are CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and the year is 2016. Your Chief Security Officer (CSO) is about to give a presentation of your security posture. He is delivering a little...
Kevin Kajiwara

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

View From The Top: The Three Big Economies in Flux
If 2016 was the year of the surprise and 2017 the year of the surreal, what then is in the offing for 2018? Following the historic and unprecedented vote in the United Kingdom to exit...
Otilia Dhand

Senior Vice President, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia

Russia: Beyond Putin's Re-election
In the first quarter of 2018, Russia will be in election mode. Despite the nearly guaranteed re- election of President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin will take every measure to ensure his...
Paul Haenle

Senior Advisor, Teneo Holdings

China's Future Under Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping assumed power at a pivotal moment in China’s history. Faced with an outdated economic model, political decay and pervasive corruption, and a military that is unfit and...