Stephen Meahl

Stephen Meahl

Chief Operating Officer, Teneo Strategy

Stephen Meahl is the Chief Operating Officer of Teneo Strategy. In addition to his operational responsibilities, he also serves as the Chief of Staff to Teneo’s Chairman and CEO and advises several of the firm’s clients.

During his career with Teneo, Mr. Meahl has worked closely with a number of major global companies, advising on crisis communications, litigation issues, CEO positioning, and government affairs strategy. He has also worked with several multinational clients on communications around M&A transactions, CEO transitions, and other special situations.

Prior to joining Teneo, Mr. Meahl worked for the U.S. Department of State’s Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, where he was responsible for executing a number special initiatives to help drive economic development in support of the ongoing peace process. He began his career with Fidelity Investments.

Mr. Meahl is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross.