Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

The Risk and Reward of a New Venture

The challenges and risks of entering a new market or launching a new business are significant. Political, legal and bureaucratic hurdles can create a long and painful process when attempting to establish and operate a new business. On the upside, there may be great reward associated with breaking into a new market or being the first to introduce a new service or product. Only after intense and thorough on-the-ground research, and a carefully constructed strategic plan, can CEOs and their companies enter new territories in a way that is profitable.

Through a combination of market research and assessment, coupled with strategic business advisory and long-term planning expertise, Teneo is able to help CEOs successfully enter new markets or establish new businesses or products in an increasingly complex global business environment. Our team of experts help leaders design and deploy comprehensive strategies that have immediate impact and achieve clearly-defined business value.

Today more than ever, political and policy drivers are determining economic outcomes around the world. While focusing on politics and policy and their power to disrupt financial markets used to be the reserve of emerging market investors, this is no longer the case, as both are now important drivers in all markets, including in developed economies.

Teneo provides a wide range of reputational, policy, political and financial due diligence for our clients looking to venture into new markets. From evaluating potential targets for reputational threats, to advising on key public policy developments in the contemplated market, we help our clients to see around corners and understand the opportunities and risks associated with any potential new enterprise.

Launching a new business or entering a new market is a highly-complicated process, fraught with a number of seen and unseen challenges. The combination of the proper team and the right plan can serve as a powerful catalyst for the launch of a new business and the strategy around initial implementation of operations can be a determinant of future success.

Teneo’s consulting team examines the narrative, positioning and identity of a company, scrutinizing the entire ecosystem, in order best align the goals of a new business venture with the organization’s long-term business strategy. Our experts help CEOs and their companies define: how they want to be viewed by its customers and investors; what new products they aspire to offer; what new customers they hope to serve; how they wish to engage stakeholders; and finally, how to successfully implement the launch of a new business or product, or enter a new market.

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