Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

The Right Leader and the Right Strategy

A strong management team is the pillar of organizational success and leadership turnover can, if not implemented properly, threaten a company’s outlook. In today’s business environment, where the average CEO tenure does not last for more than a few years, Teneo helps its clients manage the entire leadership transition process, from identifying the right leader through communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Teneo’s Strategy, Talent, Governance, and Inclusive Leadership experts are equipped to work quickly, effectively and seamlessly to ensure that the transition around a planned or unexpected leadership change is seamless, and implemented in such a way that will not only help the organization survive through change, but will ensure that it thrives.

The challenges and resource requirements associated with identifying new leadership are extraordinarily challenging. Ensuring the selection of the right candidate is only the beginning of a process that also requires succession planning for a smooth transition.

Teneo offers a full set of resources to assist with not only the C-Suite selection process, but also the subsequent transition into the new role. We work with incoming leaders to facilitate an accelerated transition and onboarding to ensure that the first three months of any new leader’s appointment are impactful, which can set the tone for the new leader’s entire tenure.

A CEO’s impact, via their reputation and stakeholder engagement abilities, directly correlates with overall company success, both from a strategic perspective, as well as a valuation standpoint.

Teneo partners with CEOs to maximize effectiveness and impact and we also work with incumbent CEOs to plan for transitions. Our executive development program consists of three components: (i) long-term reputation and profile-building programs; (ii) day-to-day advisory work on potential reputational issues impacting the company; and (iii) additional support in areas, as needed, such as corporate governance, where Teneo has special expertise.

The spotlight on boards continues to intensify with increasing demands and scrutiny from a variety of stakeholders, including institutional investors, activists, media, regulators and customers. Given ongoing developments in corporate governance, the role and contributions of individual directors, and the effectiveness of the Board as a high-functioning team, have taken on even greater importance.

Teneo Talent and Governance experts help to analyze and develop a company’s board so it can function as an asset that supports a company’s strategic business imperatives, while ensuring that the board functions well as a team, adds value, communicates effectively and is recognized as a leader in best-in-class governance.