Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

Defining Value, Optimizing Return

In today’s complicated market and consumer environment, brand building has become extremely challenging; companies often struggle to optimize the definition of their brand and have a lack of clarity on what their customers want. This limited understanding translates into a poor sales conversion process, which suffers from customer leakage, poor cost control and insufficient data capture. With no clear way to monitor effectiveness of processes or individuals, many companies suffer from disappointing retention of existing customers and unsatisfactory acquisition of new customers.

Teneo is able to help organizations understand the effectiveness of their sales and marketing strategies and drive clear improvements in process and reporting. We work collaboratively to analyze existing market positioning, marketing and sponsorship asset allocations, digital programs and consumer narrative. We combine this with research capability to build a true understanding of what an organization’s customers really want, both now and in the future. Using these insights, we develop strategies that will best deliver optimal long-term value and return.

Teneo’s experts helps companies and individuals establish the optimal brand positioning. A stakeholders’ propensity to “buy into” a brand is entirely dependent on the relevancy of its positioning to that individual or group. Creating the right positioning and value in the mind of the stakeholders is the first step towards maximizing customer relevance and competitive distinctiveness to achieve maximum brand return.

Working across every relevant internal and external vertical, Teneo’s experts objectively analyze any existing brand positioning, or help define new positioning, by engaging sophisticated data research, primary research and bespoke senior insights. We define current state and optimal vision, and then create the right strategy to bridge the delta.

Our analytical approach combines client and market data, deep qualitative insights, best practice and benchmarks to identify key areas of underperformance in how our clients identify opportunities, generate interest, and then convert and retain customers. Keeping customer objectives front of mind, we then work with our clients to develop new end-to-end sales processes, customer propositions, pricing models and organizational structures to drive improvement across a range of sales effectiveness measures. To implement these changes, we can either support our clients over a long-term change process, or develop highly detailed plans, monitoring tools and KPIs to give our clients the capability which they require to deliver change.

The challenge of maintaining sales and marketing effectiveness is often actually a challenge of keeping pace with technological change and customer expectations. The role of digital transformation is a key development in this area. Customers are demanding a data-rich, seamless, and instantly accessible sales channel, while improved sales data and activity tracking will provide real-time information on sales team activities. Organizations need a clear plan for how to transition old models of customer engagement to current and anticipated technology trends, and the flexibility to respond to the insight which data provides in near real time.