Teneo News: Matt Filosa Joins Teneo Governance as Managing Director

Concession & Franchise Bid Support

The private sector is increasingly being asked to build and operate public services across the world, offering innovation, investment and commercial focus. For firms operating in this sector, success in bidding for complex concessions and franchises is vital for the short-term development and long-term sustainability of the business.

But bidding for large concessions carries significant risk and complexity – a requirement to see the potential opportunities, which competitors may miss, when creating a compelling bid, while identifying and avoiding the potential risks which could lead to taking on a mandate that is not the right fit for the company.

Successfully bidding for such large franchises and concessions requires three clear skill sets:

  • The ability to develop a winning solution which meets the needs of the contract, while playing to the skills of the bidding organization.

  • The ability to identify the key risks around the contract, articulate those risks and help senior stakeholders get comfortable about how these risks can be managed.

  • The ability to translate a dense technical solution into an accessible tender response, which sells the strategic vision for the bid, while making the technical detail accessible to the client.

Teneo Consulting’s combination of strategic expertise and deep market knowledge gives us the ability to deliver across all these areas. Our agile and collaborative approach means that we are able to do so as part of an integrated bid team, combining our internal expertise with client teams and subject matter experts to ensure a pragmatic approach to bidding, which has a relentless focus on deliverability, without compromising on quality.