Teneo News: Teneo Intelligence to Team with EY Geostrategic Business Group

Corporate Communications

The world of corporate communications has changed – the stakes are higher and the pace is accelerating. Adhering to the communications demands of today’s fast-paced information economy is not optional.

Teneo partners directly with the CEOs and senior leaders of the world’s largest companies, institutions and governments to create, enhance and protect reputational equity in today’s ever-changing environment.

Teneo provides a full-range of corporate communications services, including building and executing comprehensive corporate reputation management programs. We provide ongoing strategic counsel to the C-Suite on a wide range of issues, including corporate thought leadership and positioning. We support the development of financial, internal and external communications alongside media relations.

Our experts have extensive experience building global communications functions, strategy and infrastructure to support core business objectives, as well as growth in new products, businesses and markets. We work with clients to recast company narratives and position CEOs as thought leaders as a part of integrated stakeholder engagement campaigns. Our senior-led team has unparalleled experience globally, coming from diverse backgrounds, including: corporate finance and strategy, government, research, communications, investor relations, media and public policy.

Corporate Communications Team

Richard Powell

President, Teneo Strategy

Chris Deri

President, Teneo Digital

Casey Morgan

Senior Managing Director & Head of Media Relations

Stephen Cohen

Senior Managing Director

Peter Fitch

COO, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Paul Gallagher

Senior Managing Director

Fraser Hardie

Chairman, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Kathleen Lacey

Senior Managing Director

Nicholas McDonagh

Senior Managing Director

Sir Craig Oliver

Senior Managing Director, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Padraic Riley

Senior Managing Director

Bethany Sherman

Senior Managing Director

Gordon Tempest-Hay

CEO, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Andy Maas

Senior Managing Director

John McCready

Managing Director, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Fiona Joyce

Vice Chair, Teneo Blue Rubicon

Guy Potvin

Managing Director

Jason Miller

Managing Director

Lucas van Praag

Senior Managing Director

Lauren Chung

Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific and Senior Managing Director

Damien Ryan

CEO, Teneo Strategy Asia Pacific

Scott McFarlane

Managing Director, Teneo Strategy

Robert Mead

Vice Chairman, Teneo Holdings

Andrea Calise

Senior Managing Director

Dan Lonergan

Managing Director

Tim Falconer

Managing Director

Sonya Soutus

Senior Managing Director

Devon Spurgeon

Senior Managing Director

Samantha Cohen

Managing Director

Alexa Knight

Managing Director

Ed O'Brien

Managing Director

Rebecca Harper

Senior Managing Director

Marc Mercer

Managing Director

Faten Alqaseer

Senior Vice President

Rachel Posner

Managing Director

Nicole Sinclair

Zach Siegel

Managing Director

Megan Fenton

Managing Director