Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

The Right Leader and the Right Strategy

Leadership teams that are proactive about connecting business strategy to talent strategy unlock: business value; demonstrate good governance and risk management; and more effectively develop, retain and recruit high-performers.

As a talent advisory business, we believe every recruiting situation is unique, requires a bespoke approach grounded in business strategy and a sense of urgency.

Although each recruiting plan is unique and is tailored to the client’s specific needs, Teneo’s Talent’s recruitment process is composed of overarching steps and parameters that include: (i) establishment of strategic direction and alignment, namely, identifying and articulating the strategic intent for where the company is going; (ii) candidate recruitment and assessment; (iii) candidate presentation and selection; (iv) reference vetting and advisory regarding the offering process; and (v) executive impact advisory, with the intent of accelerating the transition and impact of the new hire.

Teneo Talent helps develop your company’s Board so it can function as an asset that supports your company’s strategic business imperatives. A high-performing, strategic board: brings a diversity of viewpoints and knowledge; works effectively as a team; and are committed to the success of the company. As part of its board effectiveness program, Teneo works with clients to: (i) review and discuss board composition, structure, expertise and knowledge as it relates to company strategy over short, mid and long-term goals; (ii) identify vulnerabilities and alignment opportunities as it relates to collaboration between directors, tenure and refreshment, interactions between management and the board, committee mandates, process management and information flow and; (iii) develop a customized board effectiveness plan to be implemented over a multi-year timeline.

Teneo Talent partners with boards to identify areas of vulnerability and opportunity. Our advisors will ensure the board is aligned, works well as a team, and brings world-class insights, diversity of experience and in depth knowledge. Simply put, board effectiveness is a disciplined method to unlock value, take your board from “good to great,” proactively manage the threat of activism and send a strong signal to investors.