Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

Inclusive Leadership is Integral to Business Strategy

The demographics of the global workforce are shifting dramatically and research has proven that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. CEOs must view inclusive leadership as a business imperative that has direct and substantial impact on a company’s bottom line.

Inclusive leadership is what a company is doing to change the culture of an organization, namely, the practices it employs to foster an environment that capitalizes on the unique characteristics of its workforce, allowing people to contribute to business growth and profitability. Teneo works with CEOs to unlock new points of untapped value through an integrated approach that aims to build diverse relationships with all identified stakeholders.

Corporations, universities, not-for-profit groups and governments spend billions of dollars every year on diversity training—without knowing whether the programs work.

Teneo’s experts perform a financial, organizational, and reputational analysis of current diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives across the dimensions of a company’s employees and current D&I processes to determine: (i) how invested the C-Suite is in its company’s D&I efforts and whether such a program is viewed as a key business driver; (ii) the impact on clients, customers and stakeholders; and (iii) the cost and return on investment to the business.

Workforce diversity begins with the search for talent; CEOs must insist that diversity is ever-present not only among their executive teams, but also ensure it forms part of the rubric when recruiting new employees.

Teneo’s experts can work with employee networks and affinity groups to build access to new markets, which are invaluable for growing and diversifying a company’s talent pool. Our experts will work to identify new sources and opportunities for business from both internal and external networks. As part of this assessment, we will conduct comparative analysis and research to identify where new opportunities exist and which market competitors are ahead of the curve in their efforts.

Recognizing the importance of culture in business is not the same as being an effective cultural chief executive. The CEO is the most visible leader in a company. His or her direct engagement in all facets of the company’s culture can make an enormous difference, not just in how people feel about the company, but in how they perform.

Teneo’s experts design, develop and implement projects that integrate diversity and inclusion with new and existing talent, leadership and executives. We also offer customized, curated sessions for senior leaders that expose them to industry-specific facts and data, which sets forth new ways of thinking about the business value of inclusive leadership.

Diversity, by itself, is simply not enough. It must be accompanied by inclusion—a culture that genuinely welcomes, values, and leverages the advantages of diversity as a competitive strength and measures the ROI not by awards and recognition, but by improved ideas, speed to market, higher performing teams and organizational readiness.

Our D&I experts develop customized project plans in order to help clients define and control how they measure success in the D&I space. This offering includes: creating current state assessments of stakeholder views and opinions to help organize priorities, goals and outcomes; mapping stakeholders, constituencies, key issues, interconnections and implications of D&I to successfully execute strategy; and creating timelines with key milestones that connect to strategic priorities and serve to demonstrate success and progress of a company’s D&I program.

Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative - Bringing Concepts to Reality

Teneo worked with Billie Jean King to design and build a foundation based on her vision for global inclusion and a more just society. The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to address the critical issues required to achieve inclusive leadership that will lead to significant changes in how women and men operate in the world of work.

Since its inception, the BJKLI has amassed an advisory board of revered individuals, formed a research agreement with Deloitte, successfully executed two symposiums and galas, and partnered with The White House on the first ever Diversity and Inclusion Convening.

More information on BJKLI is available here: www.bjkli.org