Teneo News: Matt Filosa Joins Teneo Governance as Managing Director

The need for efficiency, innovation and long-term planning around the delivery of key utilities and public services to the private sector has led to the continued use of privately-owned companies, as well as independent but publicly-owned executive bodies, to deliver these services. In markets where a high consumer need is often met with limited choice, and where long-term national economic requirements and short-term shareholder value may not be aligned, informed, effective and collaborative regulation and oversight is essential.

Teneo Consulting’s team members are recognized as global experts in many of the key markets where private or third party expertise is being used to deliver public services. We use this expertise to advise regulators on some of the key strategic challenges in the delivery of public services and to inform priorities and investment decisions across different regulatory cycles. This expertise has been built up through many years of working with the regulated bodies and their supply chains, as well as for the regulatory authorities themselves. By working across a range of different regulated sectors, we are particularly adept at identifying international best practices in one sector, and examining the benefits which could be delivered by transferring those learnings to another area.

In addition to deep analytical rigor, our approach is built around an understanding of the unique dynamics of the relationship between the regulatory authority and the regulated bodies. We place particular emphasis on securing consensus (where appropriate) and ensuring our conclusions lead to recommendations which can be implemented to the benefit of all parties. Even when contracted by the regulator, much of our focus is on working with the regulated body to explain our recommendations and help them develop plans to address them.

Our work has ranged from considering how best to utilize rail network capacity, to assessing supply chain capability, to delivering major infrastructural enhancements. We have also brought a strategic approach to securing consensus on a range of technical challenges, from how to manage inflation risk, through to best practices in managing roadworks and network enhancements.