Teneo News: Lisa Friedman Joins Teneo Strategy as Managing Director

Being able to accurately measure and analyze stakeholder sentiment, whether it be for the sake of company reputation, or to determine the profitability of a product or service, is paramount to any business strategy.

Teneo’s Approach to Research

Teneo’s research team provides clients with the ability to understand their brand, reputation and business standing, creatively position themselves in their unique marketplace, and measure the impact of their organization’s actions and communications to drive success. Our capabilities include:

  • Guiding senior management on key decisions facing their business including brand, reputation and marketing communications, by providing data-driven insights.

  • Developing and executing comprehensive communications plans, from message development through impact and ongoing measurement, and stakeholder engagement plans that meet key business objectives.

Teneo Differentiators

Data Source Agnostic: We consider all potential resources to identify the data that matters most based on research objectives, including: survey research, focus groups, in-depth interviews, traditional media analysis, social and digital channels, and secondary research.

Excellence in Data Science:
Our research combines data science and social science. Our methodologies include: blending qualitative and quantitative data sources; utilizing rigorous sampling methods to ensure proper representation of the desired audience; and employing statistical and data mining techniques to analyze data and extract knowledge and insights.

Subject Matter Expertise
: We work as an integrated team combining research expertise with account and subject matter expertise to provide the deepest understanding of the client, their industry and the environment in which it operates.

Social Science Rigor
: We employ a rigorous, social science-based approach to our methods in order to produce the most reliable and predictive results. This practice underpins the design, analysis and reporting done by the Teneo Research team, to ensure a sound research method.

  • Understand where business actions and behavior drive brand and reputation, leading to recommendations on business moves.

  • Determine company reputation in contrast to most important peers and competitors, as well as stakeholder expectations.

  • Identify where company and peers are meeting or falling short of stakeholder expectations.

  • Review current state of internal and external stakeholder perceptions, generated by research and digital insights, as well as audience mapping.

  • Present opportunities for positioning with stakeholders that are unique and strong.

  • Test and refine corporate narrative and related messaging.

  • Ensure communications programs are designed to meet business objectives.

  • Identify key audiences and determine the appropriate channels and messaging for communications.

  • Identify gaps and develop strategies for entering / penetrating new markets or categories.

  • Generate market and stakeholder research to inform strategic business decisions.

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